A Fun Exercise?

How many times have you been told that you should be drawing?  Have you tried to do it?  Have you failed?  Don’t give up.  Try this little exercise – it might seem wacky, but it will help.  The important thing is to keep doing it.  The exercise is in more than one part.  I’m only going to give you the first part now – the second one will come at a later date (see below).

Your materials are few.  You will need:

paper or sketchbook

a pencil


Yes, that’s right – You!

It took me ages to take the first step and start drawing!  I didn’t do it because I couldn’t face the criticism.  It was OK for me to know that it wasn’t very good – but I didn’t want anyone else to judge me by what they saw.  Do you feel the same?  Don’t worry, you are going to do this in private, AND the best bit is that you won’t expect it to be good!

This is what I want you to do for the next 10 days.  At the end of this time part 2 will be posted here.  I’ve already written it – and it’s scheduled to pop up in miraculous fashion!  So…..




Pick up your sketchbook (if it’s just paper you will need a book or something to rest on) and your pencil.  Now, off you go to the bath/shower room and LOCK THE DOOR

Stand in front of the mirror and take the pencil IN YOUR NON-DOMINANT HAND!  If you are right handed hold it in your left hand – and if you are left handed use your right.  (If you are ambidextrous you don’t get out of it that easily – hold it with your toes!)

Now you are going to draw, but not in the way you might expect.  Look at your face and without taking your eyes off your face put the pencil on the paper.  In one continuous movement, ie not lifting the pencil from the page, draw what you see.  Keep your eyes on your face all the time.  Do it quickly and without any thought.  I’ll remind you – you are doing this with the hand you don’t normally use – it won’t be ‘good’ so you can’t be disappointed – and no-one is going to see it anyway.  Just do it!

There, that’s day 1.  Take a look.  Does it look funny?  Have a giggle, unlock the door and go and hide it!  (Not too well, you need it tomorrow).

So, do this for the next 10 days, and I promise it will get easier.  The next stage takes it further.  See you again soon.  If you blog about it come back and leave the link.  I promise I’ll visit and comment.



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