A Fun Exercise? Part 2

So, have you completed your 10 days of Giggletraits?  (Let’s face it, they weren’t Portraits, were they?  I hope you’ve had fun.  That’s the order of the day, and we are now about to embark upon another 10 days of activity.


Exactly the same as before!


This time you are going to do 2 Giggletraits a day.  So, quickly gather your bits and pieces and off you go to your secret studio and lock the door.

Take a look.  Do you recognise your model?  I bet you’ve seen things in your face that you didn’t know were there.  Don’t be upset by them, they are part of you and all great artists draw the warts and all.  Let’s get going.

1  Take a clean page and do exactly what you have been doing for the last 10 days.  When you’ve finished – have another giggle if you feel so inclined.

2  Turn to another clean page – and do the same again BUT this time change hands!  Yes, this time draw yourself with your favoured hand remembering not to lift your hand during the process.

I bet that was easier than you thought it would be.  It might not be a perfect result, but it’s a lot better than it would have been 10 days ago.

Do this for another 10 days, then, come back and discover the next stage.

You’re doing really well.  Don’t give up now!

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