A Fun Exercise? Part 4


Do you realise that you have been drawing for a whole month!

Thirty days of drawing, and now it’s over to you.

You CAN draw.  You’ve just proved it.  Keep going.  Having kept the habit going for a month it would be such a shame to break the habit.

Now you can choose your item, stick with still life for the time being – you’ll know when to move outside.  Slowly allow yourself to do it in public.  Don’t forget the warm up exercise – always start with the ‘wrong’ hand, and just draw, draw, draw.  Please let me know how you get on.  Come back and tell me what you’ve done after another month.  You never know, there may be another tutorial for you.

Let’s face it – you are now well on your way to becoming an artist.  All you need to do is keep practising – and these exercises work!



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