Little Sock Snowman. Perfect for the tree……

Here’s what you will need:  A white sock with a long cuff, this is a small child’s sock;  Some strong thread;  Small buttons etc (or some black felt);  A length of Fancy Yarn (see below);  Small (very) piece of orange felt;  Stuffing (not the kind you put into a turkey);  and lastly (I think) some rice……..

You will also need a pair of scissors and some glue or needle and thread.

How much fancy Yarn?  Enough for a scarf and a tassely thing!  You could also use ribbon, and you are such a creative lot that I’m sure you will come up with other ideas too.  Read through the instructions before you start, they might give you ideas for a totally original Mr Frost.

Aren’t little socks cute?!  My finger is pointing to the top of the heel.  When you stuff it you need to go up to this point.  First, however, we need that rice!

Mr Frosty (or Mrs Frosty) needs some help standing up.  Pop a little rice into the bottom of the sock, the amount you need will depend upon the size of the sock.  I’ve used a couple of teaspoons, if you have stolen an adult one from your washbasket you may need  a whole bag!  If you haven’t any rice you could use lentils, or beads, or ……  Can you come up with something else?

Don’t forget – once you add the rice you won’t be able to wash it – but do you need to?  If you decide you want to hang Mr Frost from a tree (that sounds painful) you won’t need the rice!

Start to stuff.  If you haven’t any stuffing you could use old (washed) tights or ….. think creatively

Stuff and stuff (making sure the rice is at the toe end) until it is firm and nicely rounded

Remember – it only needs stuffing as far as the heel

Using your strong thread tie it firmly at the top – you could sew it if you feel so inclined.  Make sure you haven’t used a slip knot.  Nothing worse than a snowman that loses his stuffing!  Can you see that I’ve laid another piece of thread further down?  It’s about a third of the way down, and that will be tied to make the head.

No slip knots here, either!

Beginning to take shape!  Now for the ‘cuff’.  Can you see that I’ve folded it in half?

This is a little bit fiddly!

Remember the tassely thing I mentioned earlier?  You need a length of yarn – enough to wind around your fingers a few times.  (That’s what I did with the longer piece in the yarny picture above, so that’s the sort of thing you now want to produce)

Here’s what you do.  Keeping it folded – stuff one end into the cuff.  Take it down as far as it will go – then, either tie it firmly (still no slip knots) or use a few stitches to keep it in place.  If you want a decoration for the tree – use a loop of ribbon instead, but I think this WILL need stitches.)

When you are ‘done’, fold the cuff down again – and your tassel will appear at the top of his ‘hat’.

Don’t forget to trim any stray threads that might still be there.

Almost finished!  Audition a few buttons – are they too big?  Cut a carrot from the orange felt,  add some eyes.  If you haven’t any buttons that are suitable either embroider the features or use tiny bits of black felt.  They’ll look just like coal!

When you are happy with the placement glue or sew them on.  (A small dab of PVA will do the trick, no need for anything fancy)

As someone once said to me – beware the snowman with eyes that are too close together!

You’ve probably guessed that the other piece of yarn is for the scarf

See how vain he is?  He’s turned his back because he wants to see himself in the mirror.

Hello Mr Frosty!  Don’t stand on that grass too long, you may melt.

Have fun, and please let us see photographs of any that you make.  If you send them to me (maybe attach them to a convo) I’ll put them here on a page that you can all enjoy.

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