Take a Stitch – Buttonhole Stitch

I have very little time this week, so this is my effort.  More details here

Please read the above post for more information and photographs

The next photograph was taken on 12th January.  It shows how it has changed over 3 days.

As it dries out the satsuma is shrinking!

7 thoughts on “Take a Stitch – Buttonhole Stitch

  1. The only Satsuma I know of are PLUMS. This looks like a mandarin or maybe a large cumquat?? And WHY Myfanwy did you choose to stitch a piece of fruit? Were you hoping for interesting textures as the fruit “shrunk” ??
    Interesting concept, whatever the reason.


    1. It was there – so why not!

      A Satsuma is a type of orange. It isn’t as large as a mandarin and usually has no pips. It’s really easy peeling – ideal for children to start doing it yourself 😉

      That isn’t all I do with that sort of fruit by the way 😉


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