A fun exercise? Part 3

Well done!  If you are back here you must have been drawing for the last 20 days!  That’s great!  I bet you thought you’d never do it.  Are you ready for the next stage?  It’s time to come out of the closet!


Pencil, paper and ……

…. absolutely anything that is to hand.  It could be

a bottle, an apple, a clock, a chair.  You choose.  There’s something close to you now that you could use.  There might even be someone nearby that’s dozing in the chair!

What do you do?

This time the exercise is in three parts

First, draw it with your non-dominant hand keeping your eyes firmly on your subject (never miss this step, it’s the most important part)

Next, draw it with your other hand, also keeping your eyes on the subject.  Don’t look down – you’ll get that chance in a minute.  Every day you are getting better and better.

Step 3!  Now, draw it again.  This time I’ll allow you to take your eyes from subject to page, but no rubbing out!  If the line isn’t quite right – go over it again until you are satisfied.  If you have 10 or 12 lines instead of 1 that is absolutely fine.

Finished?  Applaud yourself.

Use the same item again tomorrow and for the next 10 days.  Don’t skimp on any of the parts of the exercise.  You’ll be amazed at just how much the first two parts are helping your ultimate results.  Don’t forget to come back here in 19 days time when I’ll tell you the next step.

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